We would like to introduce the various tour spots in Tokyo for each category so that you can select the best for your Tokyo tour. 
Those categories are as follows.
Museum & modern facilities 
Nature spots (Garden, cruising,) & Modern sightseeing facilities 
Temple, shrine etc. 
Sophisticated and Bustling area 
Traditional town atmosphere experience 
Food market: 
Experience of Traditional performing arts & events enjoyment: 
Crafts art of Japan experience such as Sake brewery and Bonsai museum
Enjoyment for kids such as Amusement facility, shopping of latest trendy goods, entertainment café and so-on. 

In this blog, we introduce Museum & modern facilities.
Museum & modern facilities:
1) Tokyo National Museum:
This museum is appropriate for you to learn Japanese history and related culture for each era.
The Exhibit on 2nd floor shows “Flow of Japanese art” from Johmon era to Edo era.
The Exhibits on 1st floor shows sculpture, clay, sword and so-on.

Special Exhibit “beauty of art during Johmon of 10k years”
Johmon era had started around 13k years ago. People in the era who had executed hunting, fishing and collection created various type of tools during their daily life which are very much fascinated and powerful. This exhibit shows those tools gained from all around Japan created during the Johmon era.

2) National museum of Western art
This museum was founded in 1959 specialized for western art. Western paintings painted from end of Medieval age to beginning of 20th century and France modern sculpture of mainly as Rodin are exhibited through a year.
Currently, over 6000 pieces including paintings, sculpture, sketch, woodblock print and craft products are stocked in the museum.
Also, This museum building architecture was designed by a famous architect named Charles Edouard jeanneret, known as Le Corbusier was registered as World cultural Heritage in 2016.  The name of registered for this architecture is “Architecture art by Charles Edouard Jeanneret, known as Le Corbusier  – Extreme contribution for modern architectural establishment”.

3) Tokyo National museum of Modern art:
This museum stocks more than 9500 pieces of art such as paintings, sculpture, sketch, woodblock print, watercolor paintings, photos and so-on. Around 180 – 250 arts of the beginning of 20th century to the present day are selected within total stocks and exhibited from 2nd floor to 4th floor.

4) Ota Memorial Museum of Art / Omotesando:
The main arts exhibited in this museum are Ukiyoe-color print of everyday life in the Edo period of 17-19 century.  
Total amount collected is around 12,000 pieces. The arts exhibited are changed every month with each theme set. Therefore, people can enjoy new arts experience every time they come to this museum.

5) Sumo-museum:
This museum shows you the culture & history of Sumo-wrestling which is the national sports of Japan. There are a lot of exhibits related with Sumo and the actual Sumo-wrestling shown by movie pictures.

6) Edo-museum Ryogoku:
You can see and enjoy a lot of ancient culture and atmosphere exhibits in Edo era (17th- 19th century).

7) Tokyo Sky Tree:
This Sky Tree is the tallest self-standing broadcasting tower (634meters) in Japan and is located about 1km east of Asakusa which is one of the main amusement districts where the atmosphere of Shitamachi (traditional shopping, entertainment and residential district in Tokyo) is still preserved. The external appearance of Tokyo Sky Tree is designed to have beautiful curves similar with that of traditional Japanese architecture such as the five-story pagoda as shown in below photo.

8) Tokyo Tower
Tokyo tower used to be the highest communications and observation tower in Japan before Tokyo Sky Tree was constructed, whose observation decks command a breath-taking panorama of Tokyo. There are a lot of shops and restaurants, so people from all age groups can enjoy there.

Car charter and a guide condition
1Number of tourists:  2pax – 12pax
2Charter time and guide condition:  12 hours (including 4 hours resting time)