The big difference between the tour spots in Kyoto and that of other cities in Japan is that Kyoto had been the Emperor’s place of residence for about 1100 years (794 – 1867),

Also, the period emperors had lived in Kyoto as around 1400 years (794 – 1867),comparing with Nara as 84 years and with modernized era in Tokyo as around 154 years (1868-2022).
Therefore, there are so many important sites of Temples and Shrines that are related with lots of great emperors, top Samurai worriers , Temples monks and so-on.

We would like to introduce the various tour spots in Kyoto for each direction area so that you can select the best for your Kyoto tour.
Kyoto tour spots area can be roughly divided by areas that are located in East, West, North, South and Center of Kyoto down-town.
In each area above, you can find lots of historical architecture , beautiful scenery of nature and time honored atmosphere of downtown with mostly consumed local foods of Kyoto, culture such as Maiko & Kimono and various type of souvenir.
Also, Japanese modern architectures in Kyoto are another exciting tour spots.
Following are the representative of Kyoto tour spots for each direction in Kyoto which will be introduced in later stage.
Following are the spots examples with a one photo shot each.
We will update the each spots detail in later stage.

(1) East area (Example):

  • Ginkakuji-temple,
  • Heianjingu-shrine,
  • Sanjyusangendo-temple,
  • Philosophers’ walk,
  • Sanneizaka,

(2) West area (example):

  • Togetsukyo-bridge,
  • Tenryuji temple,
  • Bamboo forest (Chikurin),
  • Mt.Iwata Monkey park,
  • Kinkakuji-temple,
  • Ryoanji-temple,

(3) Central area (Example):


  • Nijyojo-castle,
  • Kodaiji temple,

Ishibe-Shouji street:

  • Nishiki market,
  • Higashihonganji-temple,
  • Yasaka shrine,
  • Maruyama park,


Entokuin temple:

Kyoto Imperial Palace:

(4) South area (Example):

  • Fushimiinaritaisha-shrine,
  • Byodoinhouodo-shrine,
  • Tofukuji-temple、

Ujigami shrine:

Daigiji temple:

(5) North area (Example):
Kamigamo shrine,

  • Shimogamo shrine,
  • Sanzenin temple,
  • Jyokkouin temple,
  • Entsuji temple,

Shisendo temple:

Enkoji temple:

Manshuin Monseki Temple:

Car charter and a guide condition
1Number of tourists:  2pax – 12pax
2Charter time and guide condition:  12 hours (including 4 hours resting time)